My name is Aimée, and I am currently studying illustration at the University of Gloucestershire, which I am enjoying immensely.

I have embarked upon an exchange year in Brussels, which you can read about at (or link below.)

What I like more than anything is expressing a story, or a narrative through my imagery, and hopefully one which people will like.

Here is a place for me to keep all the things I’m doing and thoughts I’m having.

I love to smile, and have a love for giraffes and a good viewing of ‘Singin’ in the Rain.

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The Final Outcome for my Animation Project! 

Some beautiful photographs by Lily of my new cards I’m going to start selling soon! Send me a quick message if you’d like one now, but they should be on a online shop soonish!


I did  a stencil print today, look how pretty my rag was.

Trying out a flip repeat of my relief etching print, in different colour variations. 

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My finished stencil print and etching combined- poof

We did some relief prints of the etching in a Delft tile/blue porcelain style, sending this card to my mummy! Going to definitely print off a batch of these cards to sell, watch this space!!!!!!!

Also attempted making a repeat wallpaper strip, in need of scanning this into the computer and repeating it using photoshop

Some sweet sweet intaglio prints!

This process takes the most time of all the processes I have done, I think. This can be frustrating for me, but how long the printing plate lasts keeps me going through that, as a kind of recompense. 
Going to do some stencil prints to register underneath them tomorrow I think. 

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