My name is Aimée, and I am currently studying illustration at the University of Gloucestershire, which I am enjoying immensely.

I have embarked upon an exchange year in Brussels, which you can read about at (or link below.)

What I like more than anything is expressing a story, or a narrative through my imagery, and hopefully one which people will like.

Here is a place for me to keep all the things I’m doing and thoughts I’m having.

I love to smile, and have a love for giraffes and a good viewing of ‘Singin’ in the Rain.

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The Final Outcome for my Animation Project! 

Some beautiful photographs by Lily of my new cards I’m going to start selling soon! Send me a quick message if you’d like one now, but they should be on a online shop soonish!


I did  a stencil print today, look how pretty my rag was.

Trying out a flip repeat of my relief etching print, in different colour variations. 

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We did some relief prints of the etching in a Delft tile/blue porcelain style, sending this card to my mummy! Going to definitely print off a batch of these cards to sell, watch this space!!!!!!!

Also attempted making a repeat wallpaper strip, in need of scanning this into the computer and repeating it using photoshop

My finished stencil print and etching combined- poof

Some sweet sweet intaglio prints!

This process takes the most time of all the processes I have done, I think. This can be frustrating for me, but how long the printing plate lasts keeps me going through that, as a kind of recompense. 
Going to do some stencil prints to register underneath them tomorrow I think. 

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